Crossbow Pistol Repeating Plans Cobra 80 lb Modification Magazine Cilp Plans
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Cobra 80 Repeating Mag. Plans
Easy do-it-yourself plans to build your own repeater self loading magazine clip for Cobra 80 lb. mini crossbow pistol making it a tactical assault weapon for preppers, zombie killer, target or home protection.
Tiny Eco House Plans
Specializing in micro off-the-grid green self-sustainable solar tiny house plans
Action Sports Ramp Plans
A  wide range or FMX, BMX, MTB & SNOW ramp plans & sizes, both metal and wood ramps
2019 Restyled CRF Template Kit
Template restyle kit to restyle your 05-08 era CRF 450 / 250 to update the look to a 17, 18 & 19 CRF450R. For CRF250r 04-09, CRF450r 05-08, CRF250x 04-17, CRF450r 04-17
Luthier Radius Dish Plans
Make your own DIY radius dishes or doming for acoustic guitar soundboard and back bracing glue-up with this simple router jig. Plans show step by step how to lay out the radius (with measurements) of your choice and piece by piece how to make the jig and route it out.
DIY Pallet Firewood Rack Plans
These 22 step-by-step images and how-to's will guild you though making this firewood rack out of a single pallet.
Moto Grind Pegs, Rail & Ramp Plans
DIY Plans to build your own FMX Grind Pegs, Rail & Ramp
FMX Grind Pegs

Production Pegs
Universal (Japanese Bikes)

Buy, bolt on, and grind. These left side pegs will fit any Japanese make, model and year, 125t, 250t, 250f or 450f, 52t sprocket and 280mm rotor (all sizes).
How it works: watch video Inner peg replaces your axle nuts, outer peg sides over inner and bolts onto it. Outer peg has the down guards to protect your chain/sprocket and rotor. There is also a separate front brake caliper guard that protects the caliper (gets wired to the front peg), it mounts to lower fork/caliper hole and comes with a replacement allen bolt, included with front peg. Handmade in the USA.
16mm w caliper guard front axle threads: Honda
18mm w caliper guard front axle threads: Most bikes
20mm rear axle threads: 99'-23' YZ125/250 two stroke
22mm rear axle threads: Most 4 strokes
(Check your axle threads to make sure before ordering)

FMX Grind Pegs
Production Universal Japanese Bikes FMX Grind Pegs
MX Grind Pegs, MX Grind Rail & Rail Ramp Plans
10+ years in research and development
US and Metric Measurements

Moto X Grind Pegs: Designed for every year, make & model of bike. Available in right & left sides. Under mount design allows bike/weight closer to rail, shorter pegs, higher foot peg clearance over rail & equal ground clearance click for more info. Basic welding skills required.
Moto X Grind Rail: 4'' x 2'' flat rail with a slight angle specifically designed for the weight distribution dirt bike & rider to be able to balance over the rail, along with a rainbow rail entry to avoid hanging up the rear peg on upright at the start.
Rail Ramp: is also specifically designed for this rail and these pegs, they all work together. Designed to jump onto the rail or with extension ride onto the rail. It is actually a teaching tool and as you get more comfortable you hit it faster and naturally start to jump.Plans are CAD designed scale drawings along with photographic diagrams. Sent via email within 24hr.